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Is my baby getting the right amount of sleep?

A sleep colleague prepared this great guide for sleep in babies and toddlers.Remember that babies develop their brain by sleeping so it is every bit as important as everything else. Below is an outline of realistic expectations for your child’s sleep in the first 5 years. This timeline draws from various sources, and it is important to note that many

sleeping after baby arrives

You know while your are pregnant, and I really am focusing this statement with first time pregnancy, many friends and family members will say ” enjoy your sleep now because many sleepless nights lie ahead!” Dr.Sears says that we can impact sleep through nutrition, yes that is right, again we are what we eat! First on the list Water, we

Communion- Holistic Stages of Birth

When the communion stage arrives in the holistic stages of birth that is the moment when the parents decide it is ok to share their new baby with others blessed to be in the room with them, children, grandparents,friends, attendants are all invited to greet the newborn.At this invitation the caregiver may move into the space of the mother and