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Placenta and Cord

This week, I witnessed and supported physiological births, and also supported hospital births. The physiological births were exactly that, undisturbed and truly empowered by Mother and Baby, I was merely invited and so very honored to be there. A deep and enriching blessing and a miracle. That brings me to the placenta and cord, the placenta, being the baby’s first

Placenta Encapsulation

An Ancient tradition in many cultures, we are happy to provide this exceptional service for you and your baby. Placenta Encapsulation is becoming more and more mainstream as many mothers around the world are becoming more aware of the benefits placentas can provide in the healthy recovery of the new mother. Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the mother’s

Communion- Holistic Stages of Birth

When the communion stage arrives in the holistic stages of birth that is the moment when the parents decide it is ok to share their new baby with others blessed to be in the room with them, children, grandparents,friends, attendants are all invited to greet the newborn.At this invitation the caregiver may move into the space of the mother and