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Smart Bassinet Rental (smart-tech baby sleeper) Min. 1 month rental of Snoo smart-tech baby sleeper - Daily rates

Smart Bassinet (Baby Sleeper) Rental Min. 1 month; can extend after 2 weeks Smart Bassinet Rentals $8/DAY + HST After working with several families with the smart bassinet as my assistant, I felt that being able to offer this bassinet to families in need of some sleep for the first few weeks after their new

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Durham Birth Pool Rentals Durham pool rentals for home births

We aim to provide the most comfortable and safest birthing pool and birthing tubs at a reasonable price for your home birth.

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Birth Doula Birth & Labour

Provide continuous informed and supportive care to create the most positive birth experience possible.

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Postpartum Doula Postpartum

Provide emotional, informational support for you & your family to embrace the newborn period.

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Gentle Sleep Support Training & support

Provide support to and your family, answering your questions and creating a customized plan to optimize your sleep and achieve overall balance in your life.

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Placenta Encapsulation After Birth

Prepare the placenta after birth to be used as powerful part of the postpartum healing process.

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