Summer Reflection

Well a very interesting Spring and Summer we have had. Upon reflecting on it, it seems like the sunshine was trying to help us navigate the situation we were in. I am so grateful for that, because summertime is so special in my life. This summer, I was blessed with being able to actually enjoy many weeks of heat and

Please Wash your Hands

So, the order of the day since the new year 2020, please wash your hands. Although our skin is definitely taking a hit with so much washing, it feels so good to wash and feel and smell the clean. Washing hands is a very important part of our every day routine, and for the future generations, our children and their

you are not alone

In this unprecedented situation that we are experiencing right now, I just want to assure you, birthing families and new families out there, that now more than ever, you are not alone. We, as doulas are taking collective steps to continue to offer support in all the aspects of birth and postpartum. We are offering virtual support, something, we have

A new Decade

We are well into this new decade, and so far here at Birth-By the Doula way, it has been filled with welcoming many new families into parenthood. Our main focus this year, is to support families who have more than one baby at a time, we have taken the necessary courses and kept updated on how to do that in

Something Snoo chez Nous

In August I was supporting a newborn overnights, and a friend of the family had offered to lend this Smart Sleeper to them, boasting its amazing qualities on providing comfort for the newborn and a more restful sleep for the provider. The outcome for this family was amazing as well and needless to say for me as a doula, it

Celebrating Life

Every day is a perfect day to celebrate, every is a gift in itself. When there is a tiny human growing in our womb and we really take a step back and reflect on the miracle that this is, then it is a perfect moment to celebrate life, from its initial moment and right on through till birth. Each and

Postpartum support of twins

My postpartum support for the past 8 months has been caring from wonderful twins. I have to admit that doing this is a very heartwarming and fullfilling for me. My support happens mostly during the night hours and keeping these little angels comfortable and cuddled fills the night and keeps me busy the entire night. There is not much else

Daniel’s Birth Story

It has been a long time since I wrote a birth story, something I used to do on a regular basis after I attended a birth. Teresa’s birth I feel I would like to write about because it is truly a story of determination, power and strength. Teresa is a young woman living here in Toronto, she is from Mexico,

World Doula Week

This is a week with many events focusing on Doula’s magic. Did you know that a Doula can support any type of pregnancy and birth? Doulas are not particular about the setting, hospitals, birthcentres, homebirths, all are amazing, the key in it all is that mom and partner feel like this is where they want to meet their baby. Doulas

Toronto Birth Centre

2019 is quickly under way and it always feels great to sink comfortably into a new year, this year for me has taken me to support women giving birth at the Toronto Birth Centre. I have to say that the atmosphere there is so much more conducive to birth. It is peaceful, quiet, warm, colourful and almost magical, it removes

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