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Claire Anne is a registered Birth and Postpartum doula. She is also a sleep specialist and has had the honour of supporting tens of pregnancies, births and families over the years.

Breastfeeding your Newborn

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world for a new mom. However, it’s not smooth sailing for every woman right away. Nursing is an education, and proper breastfeeding techniques and tricks need to be learned along the way for mom—and baby! Breastfeeding might be easy for some women, while it’s difficult and frustrating for others. Sitting around stewing

Power from within

Pregnancy is the one most life changing experience in any woman’s  life. Although, it is a totally normal “condition” to be in, and in fact that is whole reason for our being here on earth in the first place, most women seem to have transferred the responsibility to someone else, either a doctor, midwife. The fact of the matter is,

The summer’s last weekend

It came to my attention, I had not even thought about it, that this past weekend is our last weekend of the summer. What a summer we have had, at least here where we live in Ontario, Canada. Beautiful weather, very little rain, and so much sunshine to fill our cups till next Spring, we hope, the garden is full

Pain in Labour is

A light has dawned in my head lately, and I feel I need to discuss this, especially with First time Moms, the topic of “pain”. Most first time moms, do not know what to expect in labour and birth and often ask me, what to look for, how they will know, how long will it take, what comes first, and

labour day this year

It seems like a very appropriate time of year to speak of this holiday. The last official weekend of the summer.It is called labour day, to honour all of us who work with a day in which we do not work, as a birth worker, I am on call and I may or may not be called to support a

Have a Postpartum Plan

Postpartum Plan Is a very important for families in this day and age, too many women experience postpartum depression, like over 20% in our area and that is an outstanding number, and the entire family is suffering with this, so have a plan in place, coupes spend countless hours planning their wedding, but when it comes to this important event

Birth Plans Yes or No ?

First of all, I like to call this not a plan rather a birth wish, Birth Wishes, usually there are more than one for sure. I give my clients a very large birth wish list and I go over it item by item and than I ask that this activity mom and partner do together, it gives them a chance

Is my baby getting the right amount of sleep?

A sleep colleague prepared this great guide for sleep in babies and toddlers.Remember that babies develop their brain by sleeping so it is every bit as important as everything else. Below is an outline of realistic expectations for your child’s sleep in the first 5 years. This timeline draws from various sources, and it is important to note that many

Birthing Free forgotten Ritual

This is a beautiful birth story and I asked whether I could share so here it is, please read about the amazing birth….. This was a shamanic journey, my medicine not plants, but pain. I was ignited within, as I lit each candle in my blackened cave. The iccoros singing through me, guiding my labour, my body moving the waves

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate these daddys, all of them, experienced ones, newly assigned ones and of course those daddys who will soon become daddys for the first time. Daddys over the years, whether they have willingly welcomed this position of active participant throughout labour and birth and now the postpartum, or whether their cherished partner has introduced