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Claire Anne is a registered Birth and Postpartum doula. She is also a sleep specialist and has had the honour of supporting tens of pregnancies, births and families over the years.

This is Birth

Amazing Vbac On Sunday, I was invited to join in the welcoming of Oliver meet his family earth side. I had been visiting and educating this family for the past several months, and though all families seem attentive there is always this uncertain factor around every birth, the labour. Although it can be a walk in the park for the

BIrth Tip from Spinning Babies

Birth Tip: When Baby Moves from Left to RightWhy did the baby move out of a good position? The uterus is not a water balloon but we tend to think it is shaped like one. So if the baby is in position when the head is leaning 3/4th of the way toward the bottom why wouldn’t the baby remain in

An amazing achievement

Last week, I joined our group of Doulas for our first team meeting, virtual to be sure, at BirthMarkhttps://birthmarksupport.com Many new projects brewing there and as we went through these, a very special speaker joined us from Roots of Empathy,https://rootsofempathy.org/ontario a non profit organization, with a fabulous energy and mission. Roots of empathy is working throughout the world to connect

2021 Quietly Slid Home

As all of us humans have been cautioned to keep to ourselves as much as possible, the arrival of our long awaited 2021 quietly joined us. What will this mean for us all? I for sure have no idea, I am grateful though, to have witnessed all the changes we have gone through already. Some have been for the greater

Winter Solstice

Such a special day! It signifies a change, and after the very challenging year we have had, this solstice is very welcome and we ask her to please help us make change happen. Life goes on, babies are still being born and are still choosing to come earthside and for that we are ever so grateful. Winter in Canada is

Sleep is a beautiful thing!

As a overnight Doula specialist, I can say with certainty that for a family with a newborn, getting the proper rest at night enables the daily routine to be more successful. When parents are able to get just a few hours extra during those first weeks after baby joins the family, makes all the difference to their physical and mental

Summer Reflection

Well a very interesting Spring and Summer we have had. Upon reflecting on it, it seems like the sunshine was trying to help us navigate the situation we were in. I am so grateful for that, because summertime is so special in my life. This summer, I was blessed with being able to actually enjoy many weeks of heat and

Please Wash your Hands

So, the order of the day since the new year 2020, please wash your hands. Although our skin is definitely taking a hit with so much washing, it feels so good to wash and feel and smell the clean. Washing hands is a very important part of our every day routine, and for the future generations, our children and their

you are not alone

In this unprecedented situation that we are experiencing right now, I just want to assure you, birthing families and new families out there, that now more than ever, you are not alone. We, as doulas are taking collective steps to continue to offer support in all the aspects of birth and postpartum. We are offering virtual support, something, we have

A new Decade

We are well into this new decade, and so far here at Birth-By the Doula way, it has been filled with welcoming many new families into parenthood. Our main focus this year, is to support families who have more than one baby at a time, we have taken the necessary courses and kept updated on how to do that in