International Women’s Day

On March 8th, it was international women’s day, I wished my granddaughter a happy day, she is a vibrant and brilliant almost 16 year old, and she said to me “yes, it is, it’s unfortunate that we only have one, it should be every day”. A lot of truth is on that statement, just as Mother’s Day is celebrated only once a year and we are mothers every day, and we are women every day too.

Women have been honoured, I suppose, but the struggle many women face, every minute of every day, almost everywhere in the world is disheartening to say the very least. I won’t go into all the facets of the struggle, however, I will touch on the awful treatment women get in the birthing room in a hospital. All their rights are removed, they are not even respected as a birthing person, they simply become an object. I have witnessed this so many times and it needs to change, we women need to make this change, and the only way we will be able to achieve this change is by putting our foot down and demanding to be acknowledged, we are birthing this baby, we are giving life, we will not let that privilege be taken away from us. One way to do that is to get prepared and get empowered and STAY HOME to have our babies, with the proper care and support almost every woman can do this. We are strong, our ancestors made us that way, they were able to birth in the comfort of their habitat, where they were comfortable and safe and we can too. Birth is not medical, it is natural and the best feeling in the world when we accomplish our birth dreams. Celebrate and rejoice International Women’s Day at its core.

Birth in comfort among loved ones

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