Natasha McBride has a podcast on thishttps://natashamcbride and I found it very interesting that she mentions the definition of “excessive infant crying syndrome” COLIC is an acronym standing for “Cause Obscure Lengthy Infant Crying”

When parents have a baby who does this, it can be very heartbreaking and difficult to navigate, it seems like no amount of moving, rocking, bouncing, shushing, feeding, soothing, works. This baby becomes so out of sorts and just when we are ready to burst into tears or even head over to the hospital, baby stops and calms down and often falls asleep for an extra long while. It seems to occur every day at the same time, the witching hour it has been referred to many times. Colic would be defined in my mind as a very crampy tummy, gassy perhaps even, yet this baby has none of those problems. It seems to run its course and after 12 weeks it is miraculously gone. One may think that likely the tummy is immature and takes 12 weeks to mature enough for baby to feel better. Personally, I seem to think these episodes of Lengthy Crying are triggered by baby being over tired or over stimulated, and all baby wants is to be left alone to be able to sleep. That’s why to me, establishing a routine as quickly as possible where baby catches on to the difference between day and night is crucial. When a baby gets enough rest throughout the day without over sleeping, then nights seem to go more smoothly and baby is happier all day long.


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