An amazing achievement

Last week, I joined our group of Doulas for our first team meeting, virtual to be sure, at BirthMarkhttps://birthmarksupport.com

Many new projects brewing there and as we went through these, a very special speaker joined us from Roots of Empathy,https://rootsofempathy.org/ontario a non profit organization, with a fabulous energy and mission. Roots of empathy is working throughout the world to connect new babies with school children in elementary levels in their communities.

As a doula, I know how wise and how much a newborn can teach us, I witness this each time I have the privilege of supporting a family with the birth and care of a newborn.

This unique organization joins these new families and school age children, with their new baby, on an adventure of discovery and connection into the wisdom of these babies. As they grow together throughout the first year and interact on a regular basis, the school children evolve and realize how precious these new babies are. They encounter respect, love, caring and so much more. A truly unique experience in social interaction.

With the pandemic, The Roots of Empathy have had to modify their platform to a virtual one, as many of us have had to do, however, we all look forward to a new year and more one on one opportunities for these babies and children to help us create our new world of love and unity.

Please visit their website https://rootsofempathy.org/ontario

Sending Love and Blessings to you all.

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