Summer Reflection

Well a very interesting Spring and Summer we have had. Upon reflecting on it, it seems like the sunshine was trying to help us navigate the situation we were in. I am so grateful for that, because summertime is so special in my life. This summer, I was blessed with being able to actually enjoy many weeks of heat and sun, I guess the Stars aligned and made that happen for me, after many years of not being able to actually even see the summer go by and for that I am truly grateful. Yes, there were many days and weeks of isolation and many ups and downs because of it, but the Summer was the superstar for me. Now, as Summer winds down and invites Fall to join us, I wish us all being able to resume some semblance of normalcy. On the eve of my return back to newborn snuggles for a few months, I am looking forward to supporting a new family and their newborn, and so very grateful to be moving into Fall with with all that love.

Baby Snuggles, for this Postpartum Doula Love.

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