Celebrating Life

Every day is a perfect day to celebrate, every is a gift in itself. When there is a tiny human growing in our womb and we really take a step back and reflect on the miracle that this is, then it is a perfect moment to celebrate life, from its initial moment and right on through till birth. Each and every day, please take time to savour this being you are growing, from the very first day, carefully choose your nutrition and your fluid intake. Your body is producing food for this baby and in order to do that well, nutrition is the key. Balance your foods eat from all the food groups, the brain development of your baby needs lots of protein, so protein rich foods and lots of fibre are needed. Citrus will make your membranes strong and able to withstand the labour power when it begins, thus avoiding a premature membrane rupture. Water is your best friend and get in the habit of drinking at least 2 litres per day, because once baby arrives and your intention is breastfeeding, you will need to drink even more than that for an adequate supply to feed your baby.

Exercise is basic and healthy, walking, dancing, the natural stretching and elasticity in your body is increasing to make space for baby, so keeping the movement constant is important, sitting straight or on a yoga ball is better than reclining back in a comfy couch, when the need for reclining hits you, it is much better to lie down on your left side and relax that way.

Above all listening to your body and your baby will be the most beneficial, when you are tired, rest, when you are hungry, eat, when you are restless, exercise. Tune in to your baby and your body, and the results will be amazing during the birth of your baby.

Finally don’t be in a rush, your baby and your body will know when it is time for your baby’s life outside the womb to begin, let baby choose the birthday. You will have many years to enjoy and love this amazing human you have grown and nurtured and listened to for all these wonderful days.Cherish each one and write down your thought and feelings, somehow we forget those moments so precious to us right now.



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