Always reading and studying

As doulas we are constantly learning and studying. At least that is the way I am and I know many doulas who do the same thing, every birth brings us so much of a new experience, that we are propelled and motivated to read and improve our knowledge about whatever was overwhelming or needed more focus at the birth we were at and that alone is enough for us to learn and study more about it so we can help another Mom in a similar situation. That part of being a Doula is amazing for me, I am so involved and interested in being the best I can be that I am constantly discovering the magic of online learning. So many topics we can focus on, depending on what catches our attention, and along with that clients asking us a multitude of questions about what they are feeling or not feeling. It is an amazing journey and we are blessed to have all these interesting resources and studies that we can tap into.On top of that, as doulas we are united and have no problem asking for resources if we can’t find what we are looking for. There is always a doula out there somewhere in the world who can lead us in the right the direction so we can put our client on the right path so her birth can be inspiring. I feel blessed to be in this amazing doula family, and I am honoured to have had the most fascinating clients, who have given me so much with their own birth experiences. I look forward to many more of these amazing courses and books, because every book about birth and postpartum is also a fantastic reference for clients. So when you decide on hiring a certified doula be assured that she is more than just a shoulder to lean on, she is a wealth of knowledge and love.


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