Rebozos: A doula’s magical relaxation tool

Rebozos is a long Mexican woven scarf and a baby wearing tool. A rebozo has some amazing uses, I want to share how awesome they are as a labour helper and even better how they can reduce the time of labour for many birthing women. Let’s talk about this one technique we call the belly sifting. This is a technique Mom and partner can practice at home even during the pregnancy. With on her hands and knees and a rebozo under her belly, partner holds both ends of the rebozo and ¬†gently lifts and rocks the belly back and forth from side to side.This helps immensely to get Mom relaxed and to get baby in optimal position for birth. Using the rebozo every now and then during pregnancy in this way will get both parents familiar with the technique and during labour with each surge Partner and Doula can continue this belly sifting to keep birth Mother relaxed, therefore helping baby through his journey into your loving arms.

Many other rebozo techniques are also helpful in relaxation even when not in labour, using it as a blindfold in order to focus on baby and leave out the stressful world for a few minutes, A rebozo can also be used as a belly lift, when baby is weighing down heavy, A slight lift will relieve that pelvic pressure. Doing a hip squeeze with the rebozo is another awesome technique to relieve back pain and more tension.

Draping the rebozo over the entire body when Mom is lying down and gently sliding it off is another great way to let out that tension and relax and visualize baby.

A rebozo is my favourite comfort measure during labour and birth, I never go anywhere without it. When you feel you need a quiet space to relax in, rebozo is right there to free any anxiety.https://vimeo.com>spinningbabies



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