Doulas are labour and birth coaches

After being a couple for some time, couples decide one day that they are ready to take the leap into Parenthood. For many that’s all it takes, and voila, we are having a baby! Thus the journey and the excitement of it all begins. At first, it is just Mom’s little secret as to not raise expectations until a confirmation as been issued. After a few weeks, the news is shared and the preparation for a new arrival begins.It is an amazing time of changing moods, cravings, and elation.

In life we prepare for important events, graduations, weddings, sports, even working out at the Gym, often times we hire a trainer, a wedding planner, a coach. Well now it’s time to consider a labour and birth coach. A Doula. A doula is a Birth Coach.

She is someone who supports the birthing person during labour, a doula assists with massages, holding hands, shoulders to lean on, making sure there is food and water available.A doula is your cheerleader, your coach, guiding you through each and every surge and each every subtle change. Basically a doula is there for the birthing person, to help her stay comfortable, confident informed and in control of her body.

A Doula is for any Mama….


A doula will reduce your labour time by almost 50% there are studies to back this up, having a doula there can shorten your labour, it’s worth a try, to bring your baby to your loving arms a little earlier.


A doula will never leave your side, hospitals are a very busy place, there are many different nurses, doctors, shift changes and then different nurses and doctors. Your doula will always be there through all those changes. A doula does not replace a spouse or a mother, a doula is just there for YOU.


A doula will rub your back, massage your legs and your feet, help you to the washroom, a doula will hold your hand, offer her shoulders to lean on she will make sure you stay hydrated, and that you are nourished. Your partner can do all those things too, however, having an extra pair of hands is greatly appreciated.


Again studies have shown that when a doula is coaching, less moms will use an epidural. An epidural can sometimes slow down labour, and limits your ability to move around and help baby down and out to your loving arms.


With a doula as a coach you have a greater chance of not getting major surgery, that is a caesarean, however, should there be an emergency and a caesarean birth is deemed necessary, a doula is still there for you.


A doula makes house calls, depending on your doula, you can expect a few prenatal visits, and a few post natal visits too. During these visits, a doula will help you understand what is happening with your body and your emotions too. A doula will help you prepare your birth wishes, a doula will put a guideline in place to help you recognize the onset of labour.


A doula knows about the birth process, and that knowledge will allow Moms to feel confident and safe that labour and birth is unfolding as planned by our inner self. A doula is informed about hospital policies and can help you should you have a question about certain procedures.


A doula will help you prepare your birth wishes, although births are unpredictable and unique for every one, it helps to have a doula who can offer suggestions about making the birth more comfortable by playing some inspiring music,lower the lights, create the birth mood you and your partner desire.


A doula is very aware of what you are feeling and what you are going through, she will encourage you every step of the way by wanting what you want, whatever that may be, unconditional support throughout the entire journey and after as well.


Having a baby is the most rewarding experience in a couples life. A doula will reassure that you have done the best birth for you. The moments right before birth the transition time, when a Mom doesn’t know whether she should stay or run away, a doula by your side will give you the confidence and stamina you need, to make you feel you can get through anything. Once your baby is in your loving arms, you feel Empowered and Glorious.




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