Sleep Time for Babies and you

Up to 70% of children under age ve have sleep problems. Sleep issues are complicated and have many causes. They’re hard to deal with because when children aren’t sleeping, parents aren’t sleeping, and that lack of sleep affects every minute of every day for every person in the family because lack of sleep isn’t just about being tired. Sleep has

Celebrating World Doula Week

  A doula is a personal support worker. Most of us are trained, spend thousands of hours into maintaining our focus to support others, and we work unconditionally to assist our birthing family. Just like a support worker who is welcomed into someones home to take care of the elderly, we are invited into our clients lives because they seek

Always reading and studying

As doulas we are constantly learning and studying. At least that is the way I am and I know many doulas who do the same thing, every birth brings us so much of a new experience, that we are propelled and motivated to read and improve our knowledge about whatever was overwhelming or needed more focus at the birth we

Letting it go

This week after going over so many scenarios in my head, I decided it is best letting it go. Life has a way of doing its own thing. Just like an unborn baby, baby likes to do his own and thing and choose when to be born, and start life on earth, life does its own thing. We may want

all about baby

It’s all about the baby, especially with a first baby, everyone is wondering about the baby, friends and family call to find out when is baby coming, how come it’s taking so long, Friends and family all want to come by to visit the baby. Baby gets all the attention, it is an amazing journey for baby to be sure,


I am sure you have heard this before, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well building your village can start early on, even before baby joins you earth side. Babies like us are all different, some are easy going, some are less, some are demanding, some are needy, some are busy, some are quiet, some are a mix

sleeping after baby arrives

You know while your are pregnant, and I really am focusing this statement with first time pregnancy, many friends and family members will say ” enjoy your sleep now because many sleepless nights lie ahead!” Dr.Sears says that we can impact sleep through nutrition, yes that is right, again we are what we eat! First on the list Water, we

steps to avoid induction

Four steps to avoid being induced: Evening Primrose Oil EPO contains prostaglandins which can help ripen the cervix. I took it for PMS before getting pregnant too. It’s good for hormonal balance in general. It can be taken orally or as a vaginal suppository. I opted to just stick with taking it orally. The suppository method can get, ahem… messy. Be

Empowerment comes with Knowledge

Knowledge about birth comes with being informed. Women who feel empowered about their pregnancy and feel like they are in a good space are women who ask questions and stay informed every step of the way throughout pregnancy. Women believe in themselves and the transformation taking place within their bodies and their womb. For millions of years women have had